A word used to upset grammmmaerer Nazis ;).
Ha! I exploded you! get rekt mate!
by happyexplorer May 21, 2018
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when someone gives oral sex with pop rocks (the candy) in their mouth at the same time.
(usually getting your dick sucked)
OMG Jenny, I gave my boyfriend the best exploder he's ever had.
by TheOralMaster August 8, 2011
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Going to the gym or eating after the gym. Can be used in many other different ways, use your creativity!
Sully: "Hey mon ami, wanna explode?"
Pierre: "Of course, my friend! Exploding is the best. Is CJ coming?"
Sully: "Yeah, but he's sleeping right now"
Pierre: "Hahahah as usual, what a noob."
Sully: "Should we as Sid?"
Pierre: "No man, I tried too many times, he never wants to. The guy is definitely a fake-exploder"
by .................._. November 29, 2018
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Dating from one of the wars of the last century, a recommendation to "explode brown" is a request to stuff a grenade up your own ass and pull the pin.
"Harry, you worthless git! When are you going to explode brown and save the Jerries, or your own men (should they be so brave), the trouble of putting you out of our collective miseries?"
by Bezzle Bedeviled May 13, 2016
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Internet explorer. It has a habit to blow up the internet... or explode the interwebs.
Ah, dammit. I need Mozilla, now. Interwebs Exploder has died on me again.
by Elisabeth Davis July 8, 2009
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putting a match to a cows arse when is about to fart then stand back and admire the your just work as the cows explodes.
"(California) A dairy worker who heard that bovine flatulence was largely composed of methane, and potentially explosive, decided to apply the scientific method to the theory. While one of his contented cow charges was hooked up to the milking machine, he waited for the slight tail lift which dairy workers know signals an impending expulsion, generally something to avoid. Our hero struck a match. His satisfaction at seeing the resulting foot-long blue flame lasted mere seconds, volia you have a exploding cow"
by maximus zie gr8 July 27, 2006
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Name for internet explorer when you have to use it or are mad at it.
I have to use internet exploder again because this program will not work with Firefox.

internet exploder just crashed again.
by EJmcn June 22, 2009
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