to tell someone to quit playing; to knock it off
You: "What were you doing last night?"
John Doe: "You"
You: "Cut the shit; what were you doing?"
by lllPookielll October 12, 2006
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Commonly used to tell someone to stop doing something that for whatever reason, is obnoxious, to us, the rest of the viewing public.
I can't believe you did that to your car man, you need to cut that shit. (as he looks at his buddies annoyingly loud and crass "fart muffler")
by BBRX8 October 31, 2009
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Basically "no cut shit" is slang for saying "not fake" when talking about drugs.
Drug Dealer : *sends a picture of drugs*
"No cut shit, that official juice"
by $uicideboy$ January 08, 2016
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The act of fucking shit up while being sufficiently fucked up.
Olivia was cutting shit at Mardi Gras with those motha fuckas outside with her Reds.
by Dirrrrrrrrrrty March 25, 2014
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Taken from the Maltese saying "Qtajt Harja tajba"
Refers to the situation when one takes a dump that really makes the person feel better about himself for several reasons including:
1. A characteristic bad smell that causes chaos in the bathroom
2. Causes plumbing problems
3. Makes the person feel lighter
4. When at a camping and taking a dump is usually quite a tough process
After returning to his desk i asked Marc why he had such a smile on his face. He answered by pointing out the fact that he had just cut a good shit and had to flush twice to get it down the drain.
by Marakesh October 18, 2006
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When on a golf course, you hit a shot, usually off the tee, which sounds perfect, but travels airborne at a very low trajectory, typically going 50-150 yards.
I'm not sure what's wrong with my game. These shots I hit sound and feel good, but I keep hitting this low cut shit down the fairway.

He's an okay golfer, but could be a lot better, because he always hits a bunch of low cut shit.
by crazylegsdave April 06, 2014
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