A ewl is a large beast which mainly consumes petrol and oil but there are some with diets made up from human waste (rubbish). Some adult ewls can way many tones and young ones when they hatch can sometimes be grams, a baby ewl is called a dinky in some countrys. Even though some ewls are magnificent and are put in awsome shows, it doesnt mean these beasts are not extremly dangerous (because they are) ewls account for all fatal road fatalities in the world alone! A Ewl will lay eggs after a buck ewl and a doe ewl mate, the femle (darbage Ewl) will lay her eggs in a tip.

p.s the darbage Ewl is just one of many ewl spiecies and not all ewls share the same breading grounds.

The first Ewl was discovered early in the 1900s and since then many new species have been found, more species are still being found today.
The term Ewl is used these days to promote enviromental awarness
Brian- Everyone needs to be like a Ewl
Wilson- how?
Brian- by going to a tip and getting rid of your rubbish to make it a bit cleaner on the streets, ok everyone?
Wilson-ok then!!
Fred- nay good idea im guna act like a ewl and be clean.
by Brian jame's fury May 27, 2009
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