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n. The essence of evil, can be used in accordance with evil practices and exercies.
-This evility has got to stop!
-You have put my sleeping roommate's hand in warm water, your evlility astounds me.
by +Mode April 28, 2004
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With evil intent. Looking to do harm. Not concerned with the negative outcome of ones actions.
With evility he told her that the road was safe to drive on.

You could hear the evility in his tone.
by stevestevenson February 01, 2013
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Behaving in a capricious nature... possibly precocious, probably teasing. Intentionally firing up another in good-natured fun and then leaving them hanging.
Sandy was teasing Will mercilessly with her descriptions of how great she looked in her dress. He stated, "Oooooh, what evility!!!!"
by jedigrrrl November 23, 2017
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