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1. Females, usually around the speaker's same age; female peer.
2. The opposite sex as a whole.
1. Those chicks want me.
2. Chicks are confusing, I don't get them!
by +Mode April 29, 2004

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A) A term used to insult someone or something that has thwarted any of your acts. Usually used in a online context. Originaly affiliated with City of Heroes, an online Role-Playing game.
B) Believed to be a foreign translation of unintelligle gibberish connected to City of Heroes.
(Quoted from official City of heroes Forums) "this what happened in the last game i played hackers ruined it for everyone dupin rares and gold and just anything to cheat there no extened maintenance there trying to catch the hacker and we pay for it so unless people don't let GM'S know of wrong doing's in the game it we ruin it and there we not be a COH IT WELL BE GONE TO THE AMERICANS!!!!!!!"
by +Mode February 14, 2005

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n. The essence of evil, can be used in accordance with evil practices and exercies.
-This evility has got to stop!
-You have put my sleeping roommate's hand in warm water, your evlility astounds me.
by +Mode April 28, 2004

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n. A mixture of two terms, including "piece of cake" and "cup of tea".
This phrase expresses the ease of an action or set of actions.
Also a synonym for easy and an antonym of difficult.
Professor: For your homework, I would like you to write your name on a sheet of paper.
Student: That's a cup of cake
by +Mode April 29, 2004

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1. I'm prepared to do what you/we are speaking of.
1a. I will accompany you
1stDude: Let's ride to Cali this weekend.
2nd Dude: I'm game!
by +Mode April 28, 2004

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