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Usually means "Yes". But it can also mean "Sure", "Alright", "That's cool" or "Fuck it, let's do this shit!". As a question it can also be used in place of a "Huh?", "The fuck?" or "what did you say to me?". No scrubs use this magnificent word because they are self conscious and hate us cus they ain't us. We are a unique breed, the chilliest, the most dope, the best: chilltown. Yazzie isn't a word, it's a lifestyle.
You good?


When you say Yazzie all the time it makes you sound like an asshole.
by S.J.Breezy March 01, 2016
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Pronounced (yu-zz-y) The word used when one is making a sexual innuendo or sexual comment. It may be used at any time during the phrase or statement. It is also acceptable to make sexual motions while repeatedly saying "yazzie". It has also been used frequently as a replacement of "oh baby that feels good" while having sexual intercourse. It should be screamed for full affect.
Oh yazzie I love the way your balls slap against my pussy yazzie.
by tc15 April 03, 2011
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Yazzie; A term used by wimpy, immature men in attempt to turn on a woman sexually. If you hear a man saying "yazzie" then you probably shouldn't date him, or have sexual intercourse with them. He might be an ass, shallow, or just plain creepy.
"Oh yazzie you're so naughty"-creepy boy
"Just stop.You're so creepy"-girl
by Rocket_Ship April 28, 2011
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