Best (for the money) fucking whiskey ever. Made in Kentucky, which sucks, but for some reason it still tastes good. Evan Williams and natty ice are the two best , most fratty ways to get drunk, period.
Clemson student: Wow our team sucks, let's go drink evan till we don't feel feelings anymore.
Georgia Tech student: Agreed, my life is miserable.
Virginia Tech student: (too busy tearing down goalposts to notice the two other fag pattys talking) fuck yeah! Let's celebrate with some evan williams green label kentucky bourbon whiskey!
by staff November 15, 2006
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Jack Daniel's retarded, angry, bitter little cousin. He hates that you have friends, he hates that you are well liked in your community, and he hates that you are happy, and will do anything and everything to ruin your peaceful existence. Despite the rage he may project onto your personal and professional life, right when you begin to pick up the pieces of your mother's urn that your girlfriend broke when she left you after another binge, you still allow him to come back, "for old times sake."
Doctor - "Sir, your wife did not make it through childbirth...and, although your son survived, he shows intense signs of extreme bipolar disorder, mental retardation, and a propensity towards violence."
Man - "I think I'll name him Evan Williams."
by HxC18A November 5, 2011
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Clueless beyond belief. A person that is so clueless they just don't contemplate life correctly.
Person 1:Hey Evan Williams go get the bong.
Evan: I cant find it.
Person 1: Its right there on the table.
Evan: What?
Person 1: FUCK YOU!
by gringolicker69 December 29, 2011
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