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Crunk metropolis in mid-east south Tennessee, an hour north of ATL, an hour south of K-town. Nominated for the most crunk city ever by Lil John and the eastside boys.
1. Thank God for Chattanooga, otherwise the only good thing south of Knoxville would be fucking South America.

person 1: I hear Lil' John is switching from ATL to Chatt-town to promote his new album.
person 2: Good. Atlanta sucks nuts.
by staff May 3, 2005
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The city of chattanooga in mid southeast Tennessee. There's not much to it but an aquarium, but it's still krunk.
I'm on the road doin shows puttin my mack down
Mississippi to Philly Albuquerque to Chatt Town --T.I. Bring Em' Out
by staff May 20, 2005
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A half-ass wannabe-southern school that tries at college football, and is good at choking in huge games, especially against Virginia Tech. I wish every graduate of clemson good luck, because they will need it to get out of that fag patty they call a school.
You want a real party? Go to Auburn. You want be black and act mad niggerish? Go to University of Miami. You want a great degree? go to Virginia Tech. You want to blow on the meat oboe? go to clemson (or Georgia Tech for that matter- fucking bees. Invent the future mothafucka
by staff November 3, 2006
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The southern equivalent of double Can relate to anything intense that involves using the word double.
1. (at hardees) Yeah let me get a durble thickburger
2. (saturday morning) Yeah me and Jeb durble teamed that chick after the hoedown last night.
by staff February 8, 2006
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lets see, the founder of Mercedes Benz INVENTED the internal combustion engine nearly 4 years before Henry ford. sure, quality might have gone down in the last few years, only because it merged with these fucking american ho's.
Sure, your saleen mustang might be fast, but my E55 is faster, and it has something called "KLASS". If you've never driven a Mercedes, you don't know what class is.
by staff November 3, 2003
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A broad buzzword thrown around so much by every organization everywhere that it has essentially lost all meaning. (i.e. solution in the IT field.) So what is leadership now?

It is nothing but a word. Mostly used by organizations to weed out people who don't think they have 'it'. This word-type of 'Leadership' is measured in how much bullshit a person can spew to back about what they think 'leadership' truly is.
1. Job interviewer: Sir, this job requires you to lead with huge amounts of leadership, do you believe you have the leadership necessary to lead this leading team of leaders?
Job seeker: What the fuck are you saying?
Job interviewer: Obviously you aren't a leader. Try working at wal-mart.

2. College admissions: How are you a leader?
Student: Well, insted of playing sports or drinking with my buddies, my mom signed me up for a leadership conference, two leadership classes, and bi-weekly meetings about leadership.
College admissions: Wow, that is fantastic! You're in!
by staff January 11, 2007
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University of Tennessee FOOTBALL
1998 national champions
If you want the #1 gameday experience, in the #2 biggest stadium in the USA, featuring one of the best college football teams of all time, come to ROCKY TOP (this article written after a 30-28 victory over Florida September 19, 2004)
Wish that I was on ol' Rocky Top,
down in the Tennessee hills;
Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top;
Ain't no telephone bills;
Once I had a girl on Rocky Top;
Half bear, other half cat;
Wild as a mink, but sweet as soda pop,
I still dream about that;

Rocky Top, you'll always be
home sweet home to me;
Good ol' Rocky Top;
Rocky Top, Tennessee;
Rocky Top, Tennessee.

Once two strangers climbed ol' Rocky Top,
lookin' for a moonshine still;
Strangers ain't come down from Rocky Top;
Reckon they never will;
Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top;
Dirt's too rocky by far;
That's why all the folks on Rocky Top
get their corn from a jar;

Rocky Top, you'll always be
home sweet home to me;
Good ol' Rocky Top;
Rocky Top, Tennessee;
Rocky Top, Tennessee.

I've had years of cramped-up city life
Trapped like a duck in a pen;
All I know is it's a pity life
Can't be simple again.

rocky top, you'll always be, home sweet home to me
good ol' rocky top, rocky top tennessee, rocky top tennessee!!!


by staff September 19, 2004
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