when you meant to type wtf...
Dude 1: eft man...
Dude 2: ???
Dude 1: oh. wtf*
Dude 2: ah i get u

etf: e? the fuck
by Kyoshi Roku February 18, 2017
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Short for 'Escape The Fate'
American post hardcore band.
"Dude, I've got tickets to go+see ETF next yr !!"
by Big ETF fan August 13, 2007
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An acronym that stands for Estimated Time to Fuck. Used in time estimation on one think they will be able to fuck a particular person.
Guy 1: Wow that chick is really messy drunk, what do you think her ETF is?
Guy 2: I say cab ride

Guy1: So you still going out with that chick from J-date?
Guy2: Yes, my ETF is defiantly 4 dates and a meeting with the parents.

Fat chicks are known for their low ETF.
by RJ2222 March 11, 2008
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ETF = Exchange traded fund, or the guy just mis spelled "wtf" and put there "e" instead.
The FED just bought a bunch of ETFs to stimulate the economy. Stonxx only go up!

An ETF fund is the cheapest type of a fund, thereby increasing its stonx profits! Less fees= more profits.
by Danco71 June 1, 2020
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Abbreviation for Eat Tofu Faggot. Used to tell a vegan to shut up and mind their own business
Vegan- “you really shouldn’t be eating meat
You an intellectual- “ETF”
by DuckBilledPlatty April 17, 2020
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Early Termination Fee- the often exorbitant fee charged by service providers when a subscriber cancels a service before the end of a specific period of time. The fee is usually part of a promotional package or service contract.
I'd ditch my DSL, but the ETF is massive!
by Prep.77 December 4, 2010
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