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To send money electronically, as with PayPal or an online banking service.
I'll eft you the $20 tomorrow.
by Ted Pennings January 10, 2005
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Stands for Epic Fail Thread. Feel free to use it anywhere especially 4chan.
/r/ing sauce nao.

Okay, no replies. This is officially an EFT.
by Jupiter of Jigatola January 29, 2010
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To be fucked, literally or not. Coming from the non-swearing form of fucked. F'ed which translates into the word "eft"
Dude1: I drank 53 shots of Inferno Vodka last night.
Dude2: DUDE?!!
Dude1: My anus is eft today.
by Hurk June 28, 2006
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Verb; "Eating for taste"; the act of eating after one is already full, solely for the taste of the food which one eats.
I am so full from eating all of that food which I just ate. This cake sure looks good though. I am going to eft it.
by MIDWEST BIGOT November 04, 2015
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to be not quite depressed, yet not happy. Usually during a state of exhaustion when nothing interesting (good or bad) has happened, and the person in question is not sad nor happy over this state.
Grace was not happy. Nor was she sad. She was just "Eft"
by Poita June 19, 2005
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EFT is an initialism of “every fucking time
Girl 1: “damn b you got cheated on again??”
Girl 2: “you know it. Loyalty ain’t shit anymore. It happens EFT I get in a relationship”
Girl 1: “wow, smh
by Anonymous22213 November 22, 2017
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