Means big dick energy and will lay the pipe down , also Estevez mean sleep with your mom
by 2.coo7et March 20, 2021
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1) To have the fact that you are worthy of notice totally eclipsed by a drunken, marauding family member who everyone seems to love, despite the fact that they're a sure candidate for the fires of hell. Comes from the glaringly obvious fact that Charlie Sheen gets way more publicity for being a cock than Emilio Estevez (his well behaved, better acting brother) gets for being a decent bloke!

2) When you're constantly asked by your family members just why you cannot be more like your law abiding sibling, you're being estevezed, as one imagines Charlie Sheen must be- constantly.

3) When a celebrity who has done something worthwhile is thrust out of the media spotlight by a fame hungry, coke snorting, binge drinking whore's most recent bender.
1) I'm sick of being Estevezed by my crack dealing older sister.

2) I'm happy living in a burnt out car, ok?! I don't want a nice house and nice kids like my brother, I'm sick of being Estevezed by you guys!!

3) Prince William's wedding is likely to be Estevezed by Jordan and her ilk.
by MagickDio March 17, 2011
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"Emilio estevez, the mighty duck man"

"He turned to me and tipped his this"

by poop comin out of your mouth December 6, 2006
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Sheen Estevez is the embodiment of greatness in the world, generally seen as God himself.
Guy 1: Omg, did u just see Sheen Estevez?
Guy 2: Yeah, He burned my eyes out with his blinding light.
by mr.bigman6969 May 14, 2019
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Actress, lowkey kinda cute tho(we the same age as of 2020 not illegal chill FBI).
Scarlett Estevez lowkey kind cute tho ngl.
by dic shin airy December 26, 2020
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One who rules the mat like no one ever has been ruled or rules ass like it's nobodys buisness was the greatest luchador ever Career highlights winning the World Championship at No Way Out in a Cage match against Micky The Steamboat Santoga. Career Lows Losing the Belt at wrestlemania XXIV to the greatest ever to win a royal rumble he self proclaimed Greatest the world has ever seen Jimmy The General Bodine
Chi Chi the Jet conquered many opponets Turbulance, but failed to ever claim the right to say that he was the true Champion at the grandest stage of them all the showcase of the imortals Wrestlemania
by The General February 1, 2003
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