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An adjective for something that is so weird, whimsical and embarrassing it could not be described by words.
I looked so eshy yesterday! How am I going to have the guts to see those same exact people again?

She looks super eshy, lets not approach her.
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A person who is not confident enough, even (more) on the internet. His behavior will still be led by wariness, he doesn't trust social networks to change him into something better.
He is too attached to the truth, but also too worried about the truth.
Girl: How come your friend I met the other night didn't add me on facebook?
Me: He's really e-shy, he believes people should meet and know each other, although he is not able to sustain a public chat, he's scared of his avatar getting in the way.
by SlorpDivision June 03, 2011
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