A knife or dagger; racist term reffering to a perceived propensity of hispanic individuals to carry these.
Dont be fucking with that fool, hes known to carve out fools faces with an ese.
by Nizzle St.Grizzle May 10, 2006
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Refers to EuroShopper Energy drink that is a little too popular among finnish kids.
"What's wrong with that kid? O_o"

"He's high on ES >__>"
by Mayxe October 23, 2012
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1.) Skate shoes.

2.) The German word meaning 'it'.
My eS Accels pwn any Emerica shoe.

Es ist scheisse!
by Ziggy Stardust March 03, 2005
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The sexiest girl alive. Who is also smart and cute.Even when you play stupid games she kicks your ass.The bestest friend you can ever have. A non player girl who just knows what to do.
Did you see Ese she was so good at fuck last night.
by Carlden February 16, 2019
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(era sputnik)the standard dating system used in space. The year the first artifical satellite sputnik was launched into space (1957) marks the first year. based on the period of earths revolution around the sun.
by rockwell13 September 13, 2006
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Elite Status, the highest rank on VestigeWorld
Dawool is best c-walker in the world! He should be ES on VestigeWorld!
by jinkkk January 08, 2009
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Friend, padre, homey. Used by Mexicans.
Hey, ese? What's happening homes?

Esses, are cool, they're the ones who took care of us.

I can't believe he did that to our dog, Ese
by Saints February 12, 2005
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