ese is a spanish word wich means "that one" but young mexicans have changed it meaning for "you"
it has nothing to do with surenos.
ese hombre es feo
that man is ugly
by El Padrino August 03, 2007
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It started as a word used by The Surenos, a mexican gang,
since ese is how you pronounce the letter "S" in spanish, that is what they called each other. Nowadays, It is used by a lot of mexicans. It would be used by surenos like the word homie, or friend.
Sureno: Ey ese letz jump dat chapete over there
Sureno 2:iight ese letz go!
by MRJoker13 January 20, 2010
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The last fold of skin on an uncircumcised penis.
The Mexican got an infection from getting his esé caught in his zipper.
by CajunCuntKiller May 21, 2011
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the letter S in spanish...
basically some of the previous definitions of these words are correct, such as 'homeboy,' 'foo,' etc.
but the S stands for southsider...
S=13=trece=crip related
where tha fuck you from ese?!
by G'd up loccstor July 10, 2005
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The main word in a really funny joke from Comedy Central.
Mexican: Hey ese
White Guy: Why are you calling me a term paper?
Mexican: ?
by My_Name_Here January 25, 2005
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A form of nigerian orca whale, sometimes appear in the forms of both beluga and sperm whales.
You totally look like an ese dude
by bigboy y momo February 02, 2012
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Word used by latino etc. only used by latino, hispanics etc. word that means mexican homeboy
"sup ese watchu doin slappin up ma bitch homes???"
by latinomuthufucka50 April 18, 2006
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