in spanish it just means "that guy". when you adress someone whose name you dont know who is latino, calling them 'ese' is like calling him 'buddy' if hes white.
do you know where the beach is?
- i dont know, ask ese (that guy). hey ese, wheres the beach?
by inkakola December 08, 2003
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The sexiest girl alive. Who is also smart and cute.Even when you play stupid games she kicks your ass.The bestest friend you can ever have. A non player girl who just knows what to do.
Did you see Ese she was so good at fuck last night.
by Carlden February 16, 2019
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A beautiful and sweet girl who is fun and kind. A girl who likes to play around and have fun. You will get lost in this girl's eyes. She is a sweetheart and is very adorable. She likes being tickled and likes doing it to other people. She's a good person to hangout with. She can be a little bit mean but only when your mean to her. She thinks she's ugly sometimes but she's pretty just the way she is. You would think about this girl all day everyday. She's a girl you can never get your mind off of. She's a sweet Angel . She's like a queen. If you ever want to go out with a girl, go out with a girl named Ese because she's the best thing you can have in your life.
Ese thinks she needs makeup but people think she doesn't because she's amazing and beautiful just the way she is.
by Rderoche1227 May 13, 2019
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A fun loving and charismatic character
Who has a knack for art, and of a huge, wonderful and caring heart and has a pleasant personality and is very friendly.
by Eniwake July 18, 2018
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Ese,Spanish from Latin Ipse, Ipsa, Refers to something close to the person you're talking to or someone on third person.
Often misinterpreted and wrongly used when you refer to someone but nonetheless absorbed by society.

Ese tipo es gracioso, That guy is funny
Dame ese lapiz, Give me that pencil
by Tavo October 04, 2005
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