Commonly mistaken to mean "homie," "buddy," or "gang coworker," this word is actually used as a password gateway into the telepathic community grid only known by Mexicans, Latinos, and anyone else who looks remotely like George Lopez. This telepathy internet has been accessed in secret by our people for a millennium, since the time of the Incas, Aztecs, and Bantu. Today we use this tool as a method of strictly important communication, usually to discuss common or new methods of pile-driving chika's, petty theft, or crossing borders. Anyone caught speaking this word intending to access our thought network will be located and drowned in beans, which we always have handy.
by Kenter January 30, 2009
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...wait, did you just call me a term paper?
Imma do yo ese real good when I get to my crib hommie!
by DavidaLoca March 02, 2008
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Испанское сленговое слово. Чаще всего, таким образом обращаются к приятелю, близкому другу или родственнику. Можно перевести, как "братан". При обращении к девушке используется "esa"

Использовать в общении, это слово, могут только испанцы или латино-американцы (в т.ч. мексиканцы, кубинцы и т.п.). В противном случае, это будет выглядеть так, как если бы белый обратился к чернокожему "ниггер"
Hey, ese! How are you? (Эй, братан! Как дела?)
by Southsider Trece July 08, 2015
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-What up ese?

-You calling me a term paper?
by Randy Goldman April 01, 2005
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