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Sensitive but loving, sweet, caring, honest, trustworthy may have some trust issues but is always there for anyone even her haters. Besides her personality she has a perfect body that doesn't like to just give it away for free. Shes very extra and can be bitchy at times but if she loves your or cares about you then your extra rare. She's respectful whenever she feels the need to be or when you don't piss her off. She's willing to go through so much trouble for anyone in need even though she has her own problems to take care of. She is amazing just don't break her heart. (this is not about the character Erza Scarlett)
"have you seen erza?"
-no but i'd definently smash
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by hannah1999 June 30, 2018
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Eruza sukaretto is Erza Scarlet in the animation called Fairy Tail. Erza even has the powers to requip!
Erza is a animation character in anime's Fairy Tail.
by King_Jellal123 December 05, 2015
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Very sweet and hot asf girl that's full of energy and doesn't care what she does unless she has fun doing it. Erza has the best advice out there and can kick anybody's ass if they talk bad about her. Hella hot body and personality, she's a keeper!
Did you see Erza today?

- fuck she's so hot
by Jon2568 November 14, 2016
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A beautiful girl who knows how to make u laugh and smile she’s crazy with long dark hair and the personality like a unicorn
Friend1-OMG Erza is so beautiful

Friend2- and funny as well
by Big Mac ❤️ July 15, 2018
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