Did you know Ezra Scarlet is known as Titania
Asuna is also called Titania in ALO
by Asuna_Yuuki!?!?SA0 April 23, 2017
usually a very cute caring indonesian who is a nerd, not really caring about what others say living her own life.
wow have you seen Titania?! she had a haircut and she looks amazing
by clepotra March 21, 2018
The epitome of anime badass. Uses requip magic to slaughter just about anyone in her way. Gorgeous and deadly, she is more terrifying than most characters in Fairy Tail. Her dark and depressing past reveal the reason for her stern complexion and black/white attitude toward the world.
Man, that chick kicked both their butts at the same time... That's why they call her Titania Erza Scarlet.
by Ice make sword February 2, 2014