Natsu Dragneel is a male character from an anime called Fairy Tail. Natsu is part of a guild called Fairy Tail, which is a group of wizards. Natsu's power is a rare form of magic called Fire Dragon Slaying, allowing him to eat fire to regain magical power, and attack with fire as well. Natsu has spiky pink hair, and always wears a scarf given to him by Ingeel, the dragon that taught him his magic. His best friend is a flying blue cat named Happy.
Natsu has gone overboard again, he blew up the entire town with fire magic! He needs to sort out his anger problems.
by Lucy Hertfillia March 18, 2013
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A perverted, annoying, batshit crazy and decrepit guy who annoys people, be that consciously or unconsciously, just to fill the emptiness present in his heart.
Example 1:
Some girl1: the dude over there is staring too much at my chest

Some girl2: jeez, what a natsu

Example 2:
Some guy1: and later on he pushed this old lady and makes her fall over

Some guy2: what a natsu, smh.

Example 3:
A natsu: show me your panties please

Some girl: go away you natsu
by Hey, dats gay February 19, 2019
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