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Sixt means 33.
Sixt as a word is half-way between six and sixty so it is 33.
"How many car hire companies can you name?"
"So many?"
by Fishyrich March 8, 2019
A security protocol for IT systems. Normally written as FR-IBB/LE, this represents the highest level of physical and logical security and requires a rigorous assessment.
We have developed a new bank-grade system with Fribble security certification. It was essential to ensure it met the FR-IBB security standard with LE encryption otherwise it would not have been accepted.
by Fishyrich February 27, 2012
Sex in a public place for the viewing pleasure of others; specifically in a motel lodge car park. Derived from a combination of "dogging" and "lodge".
Our favourite dogging venue was out of action so we resorted to lodging, using the nearby motel car park.
by Fishyrich February 27, 2012
Fukkem is what you say when you have decided that you don't care what anyone else thinks.
S: Have you bought Christmas presents for your colleagues yet?
R: Ah no, fukkem!
by Fishyrich September 13, 2012
An outlaw who has just stepped out of the bath.
To get a clean bandit you must soap down your desperado, then scrub and rinse.
Clean Bandit:

She tells him "your bath ain't gonna be nothing like my bath (straight)
You're gonna wash and have a good bath
I'm gonna scrub what I've got to scrub" (stay up there, stay up there)

I never meant to leave you dirty
I never meant to do the dirt thing
Not to you (it's bathtime, bathtime, everybody)
'Cause every time I see you soaping
I wish I wasn't one of your exes
Get in the pool (it's bathtime, bathtime, everybody)

And now your wash is on repeat
And I'm scrubbing on to your heartbeat
And when you're clean, I feel incomplete
So if you want the truth
I just wanna be part of your symphony
by Fishyrich November 25, 2019
Noun: A moped that doesn't go.
My moped is buggered - it's a noped.
by Fishyrich April 28, 2015
The act of giving monetary reward to cows that have provided good service.

This is particularly common in rural societies, where cows are routinely employed in the service industry. Cows are not entitled to the minimum wage and rely heavily on tips.

Many cows blow their tips on their grass habit.

Not to be confused with cow topping, which is the selective removal of the extremities of a cow, to encourage further growth.
Heather 1: Hey let's get drunk and go cow tipping tonight!

Heather 2: Well if you're going to get drunk make sure to leave a good tip for the cow.
by Fishyrich April 27, 2019