The company's policy to encourage co-worker snitching created a stressful and hawkish work environment.
by nightlights November 5, 2015
A central bank position during an interest rate decision whereas the bank forecasts future rate increases but maintains current policy rates.
The bank of Canada announced their interest rate decision and it was a hawkish hold.
by DoobleB January 26, 2022
Any animal that flies knows how to be cautious, which is most likely why humans don't have wings. Kobe Bryant's pilot was an example of why humans were given wings by other humans, and not by nature. A human described as hawkish is usually the exact opposite of the animal, the hawk.
Unlike the bird of prey, the hawkish guy/girl gets everyone in deep shit, and usually leaves everyone else stuck in deep shit.
by Solid Mantis January 29, 2020
Unlike the majestic predatory bird, when a human is described as hawkish, they're being praised for being reckless, which is why the human version of hawkish is nothing like the bird. The bird tends to be cautious since birds know how to survive without killing a lot of things they're not eating.
If the hawkish guy/girl toned his/her mouth down a little, he/she wouldn't have to keep killing to prove that he/she wasn't full of shit and reckless in behavior.
by Solid Mantis January 29, 2020