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n. a substance or process that draws one closer to the god within
The peyote medicine is entheogenic when used traditionally.
by reptiles October 04, 2002
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Derived from the noun entheogen, 'entheogenic' is an adjective to describe a substance that causes feelings of ecstasy and enlightenment used for divination. The word originated from Greek and means to become one with god.

Entheogenic substances have a long history of shamanistic use across the continents and include: mushrooms containing Psilocybin (shrooms), cacti containing Mescaline (peyote), Ayahuasca, Ololiuqui, and etcetera. Entheogenic substances typically cause the user to experience psudohallucinations to hallucinations, euphoria, disassociation, mood changes, and sometimes the user exhibits behavior that resembles psychosis. These substances also have other effects on the body; some of them are harmful and on occasion deadly. They affect heart rate, breathing, and interact with other drugs as well as affect your brain chemistry which make entheogenic substances dangerous and are taken at the users own risk.

Although the term 'entheogenic' traditionally describes substances used by shamans for divination purposes it has now taken more modern terms and is sometimes used to describe any substance producing the effects previously described. Examples could include: DMT, LSD, MDMA and others.
Have you tried shrooms? They're entheogenic.
by Hesteen September 22, 2009
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