The region of land that separates the city of Cincinnati from the state of Kentucky. The residents of this area always stress their proximity to Ohio and always make sure to point out that Northern Kentucky is unlike the rest of the state. However, this ares is in a way its own state. The Ohioans refuse to accept it since it is part of Kentucky, and the rest of Kentucky considers residents of this area to be "damnyankees".
I live in Northern Kentucky but I just tell people I'm from Cincinnati.
by Adam January 15, 2005
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In reality, this is a line of land mass that makes up about a third of the Commonwealth's land mass as well as over half of its population. It runs from Henderson County on the far west end, and all the way to Maysville on the far east end, both of them along the Ohio River. The major metropolises, medium-sized cities, and large towns in this area include Henderson, Owensboro, Elizabethtown, Madisonville (not far from the South), Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, Florence, Covington, Newport, and Maysville. This large land strip is the Midwestern part of Kentucky; everything below, including Bowling Green, Paducah, Glasgow, Somerset, and Richmond, is the Southern part of Kentucky.
The people of Northern Kentucky are not too much different from those in the rest of the Commonwealth. Most of us have the same morals, religion, and even politics. The only differences are we have more connections with the "official" Northern states, and therefore do more business with them; we also have more Northern regional and cultural influences, especially from Ohio and Indiana. That is why many of the North Kentuckians act and sometimes talk more like Northerners.
by The Book of Truth July 10, 2005
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Also known as "NKU", Northern Kentucky University is a school of 16,000 or so located in the booming city (ha) of Highland Heights, Kentucky.

A school that for only 43 years old rivals many of the state universities that have been around for 100+.

It is one of Kentucky's hidden gems.

Campus is made of concrete for the most part and is often referred to as the "concrete playground".

Traditionally, students have commuted to campus each day and don't give two shits about involvement. All of this is changing now with the growth in enrollment, campus buildings and constantly improving athletics program.

People of Northern Kentucky University like to brag about their national champion soccer team, the fact that Jay-Z was on campus one time, George Clooney went to school there for one semester and that one professor who is famous for caving or something like that.
EKU student : "What? You go to Northern Kentucky University? It's campus is straight concrete and lacking any color."

NKU student: "It's really not that bad; at least I'm getting a "concrete education" here. At Eastern, you'll be getting syphilis and alcoholic tendencies instead."
by abetterdefwasneeded January 31, 2011
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Females face on the ground, holding her by the ankles, pushing her around the room.
"I was fucking her so good I grabbed her by the ankles and gave her a Northern Kentucky Snow Plow!"
by Wharv94 February 24, 2019
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