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Broughton girls... Best in the world! st mary's girls always rag on them because they are so jealous that they're just some rich smoking whores at an all-girl private school, and really wish they could be at Broughton, where all the hot guys are! Broughton girls are well-known for having a lot of money, wearing lacoste and polo, and having cute shoes. Broughton girls truly ARE the best in the world!
SMS Girl #1: God, I wish I could go to Broughton. I mean, all the really popular girls with all the hot guys and hot clothes go there!

SMS Girl #2: Yeah, well let's just be haters and "slay" those awesome Broughton Girls since we are so jealous!
by purtynpink October 17, 2005

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a ghetto place where all the gay fags go to get recognized for their artistic talent and intellectual brillance. also where broughton kids tell their nerds to go, 'cause we need none of that at broughton high school!
enloe kid: yeah, well you're just a collar poppin' prep!
broughton kid: so what, you fag?
by purtynpink September 27, 2005

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