World War Three

Will probably just be all the international powers yeeting nukes at each other until they're like "oh shit" and realize it's gonna send us into nuclear winter.

Could happen in a hundred years or a few weeks for all we know
Isn't it funny how all of the likely combinations for WWIII involve the USA?
by Val the Gay Bitch January 3, 2020
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Abbreviation for "world War III".

World War III:

1) A war which involves the whole world. It is often predicted but hasn't happened yet.

2) A slang term, meaning a huge fight or 'disaster zone' (both literal or figurative).
1) "If the present world situation doesn't change soon, we'll have WWIII"

2) "OMG It looks like WWIII in here!" OR "They're about to have WWIII"
by $3><`/ - 7 October 12, 2004
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The world war Trump is going to cause by bombing Iran and assassinating an army general.
Jessica: No I don’t want equal rights, why would I want to get drafted into the military for wwIII
by Marianalpppoopoo January 3, 2020
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The new Nintendo console that Iran and The US collaborated with to make
“Did you hear about the WWIII”
“Yeah apparently it was Trump’s idea to make it
by Lemontoes January 9, 2020
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A nuke fest that the USA will inevitably cause.
person 1: Oh shit its WWIII
person 2: Yeah I hate America D:
by BruhXDRoflLMAOLOL January 5, 2020
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A small hardcore band of mavericks from Oban, The Official World War III Pre-enactment Group ltd. in accosiation with Egg Scent®.

This group of hardened renegades consists of Eggtor, Nodrog and Koala Rob, and they kick some pre-enactment ass with Tralee beach rehearsals for the big attack on London in August.
WWIII Pre-enactment Group will soon be in control
by Cuckundoo June 18, 2006
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