A human being, usually unable to determine the sex, mainly because their hair is of medium length, and they wear make-up, male or female. Usually can be found attempting to look "punk" with handkerchiefs hanging out of their pockets and a necktie around their neck even if they are wearing a T-shirt.

They can be found listening to Emo-screamo music, which usually involves the discussion of loving someone so much that you would cut your wrists for them, IN EVERY SONG. Emos demonstrate affection by hugging everyone they see because they cannot tell if their counterparts are boys or girls.

Emos can also be found next to cigarette vending machines because every single one of them enjoys a good puff, and being around everyone that smokes makes them feel accepted. They also enjoy spazzing out to their emo-screamo songs, and they're form of "dancing" usually looks like they are having a seizure.
"dude, that chick is having a seizure, call 911!"

"no moron, that's an Emosexual male listening to his screamo music"
by Brian H January 22, 2005
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one who is only attracted to emos, and only emos. this person will not give any other person a chance unless wearing black shirts, black hair ((covering 75% of the face)), possibly glasses, liprings, and tight jeans.
I have emosexual feelings toward Sonny Moore of From First to Last.
by LaDeeDa6 October 18, 2005
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to have a continually questionable sexual orientation
Hey that young man is wearing women's pants, do you think he's gay?
No, I 'm pretty sure he's just emosexual.
by Rick Sauer February 5, 2007
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1)Someone who is sexually oriented to members of the "emo" scene.

2)Sexually oriented to members of the "emo" scene.
1) Dude, man. I am sexually oriented to members of the "emo" scene. I am such an emosexual!

2) Dude, Chris won't leave those "emo" chicks alone! He is so emosexual!
by David Dempke April 5, 2005
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A kid/teen/person (male or female)in the emo scene who is interested in dating either mostly or only, other kids/teens/persons(male or female)of the emo scene. Sometimes you can't tell whether or not they are male or female, but that's not always the case.
Jock: "That emo chic over there is kind of hot."
Emo: "You have no chance, she's emosexual. You're not her type."
by Court4282 January 16, 2008
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Denotes that boundries between the sexes are blurred. Steming from queercore and riot grrrl, which originated in the '80's and 90's (respectively), it has grown and thrived in the just as frusterated emo scene. Males tend to act more effeminate in actions, demeanor and dress (hence why it's more acceptable int he emo scene). Females are more dominant and independant in nature, and also dress in a more masculine way. It is not necessarily linked with a bi-sexual behavior, tho it is not uncommon.
Ricky's being such a bitch. no surprise, he's been so emosexual lately.
by TakeMyKnife May 24, 2004
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to my knowledge the best definaition of emosexual would most definatly have to be aaron quisenberry, hes so emosexual!
like oh my god, aaron can wear a size zer, soooo emosexual!
by mama lover April 14, 2005
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