A term coined by GB Jones and/or Bruce LaBruce of the late 80s gay punk/sleaze zine "JD's." Later validated by a new wave of early 90s gay punk bands like Tribe 8, Pansy Division, Team Dresch, Sister George, God Is My Co-Pilot, and many others. Focused mainly around three record labels (Outpunk, Chainsaw and Candy-Ass.. this genre is still around today.
Tribe 8
Pansy Division
Team Dresch
Sister George
God Is My Co-Pilot
Cypher in the Snow
Double Zero
Mukilteo Fairies
The Need
by crusher April 22, 2005
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Very cool subgenre of punk rock with a gay activist slant. Notable bands include Huggy Bear, the Haggard, Team Dresch, the Chromatics, and Tribe 8.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 13, 2003
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Gay-themed, underground, independent music; usually punk rock (Team Dresch, Pansy Division, The Butchies, The Need, etc.)
by Sooper! June 9, 2002
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