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pictures emo kids take. that must be either
how to
1.look either up or to the side. NEVER look directly at the camera smiling is allowed under any circumstances
3.usually the person takes their picture themselves.
4.from the upper right or left hand corner where you can barely see your face.
5.get a side part and have it cover half you face. can also try mirror pictures of yourself holding the camera. those work too. Be sure to look like you are completly depressed.
did you see toms new pictures. they are so emo, what a fag. I'll never take emo pictures, I'm wayyyy too hardcore.
by owned June 01, 2004
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emo pictures-kids with broken hearts take pictures of them selfs in black and white,no smileing,being them<3
wow my friends take such emo pictures,while all those preps that watch TRL are just fags
by ivonne March 31, 2006
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What tweleve year old shits take of themselves when the girl at the lunch table refused to acknowledge him (ten points to girl).

Also a primary component of all internet faggotry.

Dude A: Dude, some little shit with emo pictures of herself asked to be my friend on MS.

Dude B: See if you can tell her anything to make her kill herself.

Sickfuck: Wait, how old is she?

Dude A: Like, ten.

Sickfuck: Loli, nice.

Dudes A & B: ...
by Teh Tehness August 24, 2007
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