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its just a regular picture...of a person...but some loser wanted to say that it makes you emo to do that.
yoda : emo mirror picture...its just a picture...get it through ur thick heads..geesh.
by the better rachel April 8, 2006
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i'm emo....and i don't cut, i don't cry over everything, emo boys r not gay, and don't wear girl pants. see there used to be the truth about emo but then all u haters started hearing weird crap.i don't like to listen to sad depressing music all the time and infact i like lots of happy music...but u wouldn't know that...cuz you think we are just fags with bad taste. well sry u guys...but we are just more popular nerds...not people who are trying to destroy the world. (thats how u emo haters make it sound like...like we're making you die or something) and i just can't get why all u haters take ur time to talk shit about us....wat did we do to you? i say just get over...pick on some other label for a change. and yea..i'm taking my time to do this just cuz maybe i can change ur mind. cuz i'm sick of it.
emo hater : emo ppl are depressed.

real emo kid : ur the raeson i'm depressed...look in the mirror fag.
by the better rachel April 8, 2006
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a person who has enough time to stop and look for websites, blogs, forums, w/e...so they can tell everyone that emo sucks. a person who has never talked to a emo kid, never been an emo kid, never even saw an emo kid in real life. (which seems to make them think they know EVERYTHING about emo...beacuase someone who got burned by an emo kid said all this crap about emo kids on a blog...which has to be 100% true...riiight...)basically people who think they are so much better and all knowing that they can voice wat they want about anything. see prep....but not all are preps though. and this concludes wat you need to know abou emo haters!
emo : omg why do you hate us so much?

emo hater : cuz ya'll fags...n ur music sucks.

emo : oh i get it ur an emo hater.

emo hater : wat? hey wanna say that to my face?

emo: sure... ur an emo hater.

emo hater : wat...don't use those fancy words..hey come back here!!!
by the better rachel April 8, 2006
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