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for boys so in other words girl pants......excepionally tight. a wise emo friends once told me....... "crap i dont have my cell phone these freaking girl pants are to tight"!
my friend kailey wears emo pants because he's cool like that!
by ashliey and alex (logan) September 11, 2005
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A style of jeans usually worn by emo boys. They are skin tight, occasionally distressed, and found in the girls departemnt of most stores. Worn with converse all stars, black and white specs, and a black tshirt, they complete the classic emo look.
Emoguy 1: Check out my new jeans!
Emoguy 2: Dude, those are the best emo pants.
Emoguy 1: yEah, I saw Taking Back Sunday with 'em on.
Emogirlfriend: Hey, are those my pants?!
by Hannah E. August 14, 2006
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Word created to symbolize ones emo/emotional feelings
"I wear my emopants abroad."
by Monotypical April 09, 2005
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REALLY tight pants emo boys wear to show everyone their lack of a penis. Also entertainment for passersby to wonder how early the emo pant - wearer had to get up that morning to put on his emo pants. early did he have to get up this morning to be able to get his emo pants on?
by Kaley02030405 April 01, 2008
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Emo pants ARE NOT girl pants. They are found in the men's section of any clothing store. Emo pants are not as tight as most people think...I've seen someone put a pop can in all four pockets of the pants at the same time. =0
Emo pants are so hot...that most girls find them sexy and go after the men wearing them. Emo kids get more girls than you would ever believe.
by mtdewisnotme July 30, 2008
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When emo kids wear really baggy trousers that expose far too much of their underpants. More often seen in emo boys - the pants may also be emo orientated e.g bright blue with stars on or similar, they aint your average Calvins anyway! Therefore emo pants are the type of pants you see on an emo kid who should pull his damn trousers up!
"Seriously that kid should pull his trousers up, I can see far too much of his emo pants"
by rock_one July 27, 2006
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