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his the best guy you'll ever meet.

every time he sees you sad he will give it all to see you happy again.
he might be shy or out going or both.

he has chocolate eyes, raven swoft hair, muscular arms a great atitude, a HUGE heart, a bit chubby but super cuddly!!

his the guy any girl will feel great with 'cause he knows just what to do to make you laugh till your teacher yells at you.

he is too funny, cute, handsome, perfect to ignore

if anybody says otherwise they probably haven't met him.

keep him till you die. he is perfect. his the best.

his my Emi, and he'll always be my Emi.

I <3 U!!
"how would prince charming be in real life?"
"well, like Emilio, of course. he always sweeps ME of my feet anyways!" awesome
by a Naruto Fan March 02, 2013
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The most loyal and trustworthy person on the planet. His laugh will light up your universe as his arms will comfort you all the way back to your home. Has a heart of gold and will love someone with everything he has.
Me: "Emilio is the only man who I will ever love. He absolutely loves me and I am glad to call him mine."

Friend: "Julie, you are lucky to have him!"

Me: "I know."
by Filthy.Maria October 07, 2013
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A guy with a big heart for any girl. Loyal and one of the Best Call of duty players in the planet .
When you see Emilio be sure to ask for his number
by CODAthlete23 July 09, 2018
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Emilio or 'Milio can be used in the place of any of the following words:

sexy, crazy, hot, explosion, fuck, sneeze, sex, amazing, unbelievable.

When used in a sentence it must be capitalized and followed by an orgasm of some kind.

"Wow, that was so Emilio!"

"That's so fucking 'Milio..."

"Damn, that's Emilio."
by Jimmi Baez February 24, 2008
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Meaning the most fine, hot,badass mother fucker in town
Elisabeth: Damn, Emilio is fine ...I would so bang him.

Sheila: Nu uh. He's mine bitch! Fuck off!!!

*cat fight*

Johnny: *Cries* I wish I was him, he is so kickass!!
by browngirlsdonttakebs December 21, 2009
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Usually known as Big Poppa. He has a bad seed look to him but is actually really sweet. Fuck with him he would screw you over big time. An Emilio could either be extremely mean or he can be really nice.
Damn i wish i could more Emilio
by Mononolacolala March 15, 2008
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