his the best guy you'll ever meet.

every time he sees you sad he will give it all to see you happy again.
he might be shy or out going or both.

he has chocolate eyes, raven swoft hair, muscular arms a great atitude, a HUGE heart, a bit chubby but super cuddly!!

his the guy any girl will feel great with 'cause he knows just what to do to make you laugh till your teacher yells at you.

he is too funny, cute, handsome, perfect to ignore

if anybody says otherwise they probably haven't met him.

keep him till you die. he is perfect. his the best.

his my Emi, and he'll always be my Emi.

I <3 U!!
"how would prince charming be in real life?"
"well, like Emilio, of course. he always sweeps ME of my feet anyways!" awesome
by a Naruto Fan March 02, 2013
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he thinks hes so god damn cool but one day he'll try to blow himself cuz hell be so lonely and he will drink his cemen for when hes thirsty
emilio will drink your come
by BugDick September 15, 2019
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Chiniese guy,has no sotial life at all and everyone fakes to be his friend .he also has a big level of autism
person 1=wow hes such an emilio.
person 2=yup.
by Detructer23 May 15, 2018
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He’s a guy who lies and doesn’t take advantage he doesnt love you if you break up with him because he’s probably found someone new
Girl-“Emilio’s here”
Girl two-“Ew he’s so ugly and a cheating jerk!”
by This one two March 05, 2018
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Emilio is a hot , nice ,caring guy.

he's always there when you need him.

he has the cutest smile.

he always apologises.

he knows how to cheer people up & make them laugh.

he secretly loves guitar music.

he can get into trouble sometimes.

he hates seeing his loved ones cry.

he has an AMAZINGG personality.

he can be a jerk.

he can be a fool.

he cancels his plans to be with you.

he likes winning.

his heart is always in the right place.

these are just a FEW of Emilios awesome qualities.
by hiiiii. October 30, 2017
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The most loyal and trustworthy person on the planet. His laugh will light up your universe as his arms will comfort you all the way back to your home. Has a heart of gold and will love someone with everything he has.
Me: "Emilio is the only man who I will ever love. He absolutely loves me and I am glad to call him mine."

Friend: "Julie, you are lucky to have him!"

Me: "I know."
by Filthy.Maria October 07, 2013
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