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A scary civil defense broadcasting system. This system used to be called the emergency broadcast system (EBS), which used to be called CONELRAD. The "scary" part is the 3 beeps, which encode the alert, and the 8 second attention signal ( from EBS). Then, in either a robot or human voice, info is given. During the weekly tests, there is no voice. There is during monthly tests, though. The "robot voice" is on alerts from the National Weather Service, but on rare occasions, a human voice will be on weather alerts.
Coming up next on Cartoon Network- *Screen goes black for 5 seconds*
*3 beeps that sound like "duck farts"*
*Attention signal*
Announcer: This is a monthly test of the emergency alert system. If this were an actual emergency, the alert tone you just heard would be followed by instructions and information. This concludes this test of the emergency alert system.
*3 more "duck farts", only shorter than last time*
by TehEndieMC June 04, 2015
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The Emergency Alert System (EAS), is a system that was put in place in 1997 by the FCC. The system was very similar to the NOAA Weather Radio System. The EAS replaced the old Emergency Broadcast System (EBS). The system i vital to the safety US citizens. The system relays Tornado Warnings, Flash Flood Warnings, and any other National, State, and Local emergencies. The system uses S.A.M.E tones (the three loud beeps in the beginning of the alert). After the S.A.M.E tones, they play either a 980 Hz tone of 1050 Hz (NOAA Weather Radio) tone(s) or both. Following that, there is either a Human Voice or Robot Voice to relay the alert message. Finally, there are 3 EOM (End of Message) tones (Simaler to the first ones at the beginning, but shorter.
*Watching or listening to the radio*
*S.A.M.E Tones from Emergency Alert System play*
*980 Hz tone or 1050 Hz tone plays*
*Robot Voice of Human Voice plays*
*EOM Tones play*
by SPCStateCollege2017 July 08, 2018
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