What is used to sign up for facebook/tumblr/twitter/other social sites.
Please confirm your account with the link we sent to your email.
by Dahlface. September 30, 2011
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Something (word/image) that is sent using the internet. the most common type is the mail chain.

iĀ“m going to send you a e-mail.

iĀ“ve got e-mail!!.

You received a e-mail!.
by aldum July 29, 2006
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A quick, impersonal, sometimes unemotional form of transfering text in data form, from one shitty person to the next. Email is straight trash. There is no "miracle drug" to make your penis grow 5 inches longer. God punishes and rewards men based upon his love for them. Sorry Chinese dudes.
God uses email to punish puny men.
by Matt Pack January 10, 2006
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Why I can barely use the computer. Maybe I should check for viruses from now on.
It's e-mail time again! Thus, it's also virus time again!
by Diggity Monkeez November 24, 2004
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The "OTHER" Sex :D

:D he he he
by hexaGonmaN April 28, 2004
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something that sucks, but it sure is better than instant messaging.
email sucks, but you have to give it credit for being better than instant messaging.
by dref said right June 23, 2004
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Stuff that pisses me off most of the time unless i get porn.
Fucken E-mail I WANTED PORN!
by PERVILITIOUS August 10, 2005
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