E-mail. A new way of making a tit of yourself in the office. Caused by sending to all, rather than your boss, or sending to your boss rather than to all. This is usually followed by the ailment known as foot in mouth, which itself is followed by being metaphorically raped, grilled, or rinsed.
Me: Hey, I found this hilarious picture of my boss on a porn site...let me see, I'll e-mail it to everyone and we can laugh at him...


*E-mail from boss, asking to see him RE the picture he just recieved...*
Oh shit!


Me: This guy in my office is pissing me off. Jeez, just because I got found with his dog. I'm gonna e-mail the boss and ask for a transfer.


*Entire room erupts in laughter*
Oh shit!
by Jonathan Kerr May 18, 2007
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A horrible and inneficient way to communicate with people in the world.
My email inbox was filled with tons of spam and porn.
by Max April 11, 2004
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A practically useless technology that joe 6-packs tend to like. However, Strong Bad's email is twicked cool just like everything else about Strong Bad.
Strong Bad checks his emails usually every Monday.
by eszett April 28, 2003
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A word most people in Canada consider believe to be a private as their home telephone number. most people take e-mail too seriously, even to just say hello, they get real paranoid of over message from (their) best friends.
person 1) Hey, you are my best friend, can I write you sometime?
person 2) no you can not.
person 1) how come? because i am too busy and i don't want you to write me and my e-mail is also private.
person 1) okay. we never talk on the phone either, do we?
person 2) nope. i just explained to you why that is. the same thing about e-mail as goes the telephone
person 1) i thought we were friends. although i would never call you up anyway.
person 2) sorry.
pesron 1) yeah, i'm sorry too (that you are lame and really paranoid). it's just e-mail. who the fuck cares!
person 1) i do. i am paranoid, just like you said.
pesron 2) damn straight. guess we are not friends anymore if we can't write each other.
person 1) yup. you are right. now get out of my face.
person 2) wow you a real jerk.
pesron 1) go away. my e-mail is none of your business. don't write me!!! e-mail is used for xxx porn only. i don't want e-mails from my friends or even you!
by s_N_double_O_P June 06, 2005
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Something Urban Dictionary forgot to send me upon rejecting my definition for β€œMLG”.
Damn, Urban Dictionary did not notify you by sending an e-mail? That's not nice
by Joseph5 April 02, 2016
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email where my school spams me with fuckinemails. Now thats hell
by Echo the furry November 07, 2019
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