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A brand of computers that seem to have fast processors, big hard drives, lots of RAM, the newest operating systems, and yet somehow manage to cost really cheap. The secret lies in the fact that the entire computer is made out of cheap, low-quality components, and the entire computer often dies within a year after buying it.

The term "Emachines" can also mean any low-quality and cheap system that seems to have the latest components, even if it is not actually made by the Emachines company.

True, some Emachines owners have had their computers for over 6 years and they have never failed them. These people are just lucky.
Person A: Hey, look, Ive got a new Emachines computer! It has a Core 2 Duo, 3 gigs of RAM, a 320-gig hard drive, an Nvidia GeForce 8600, and Windows Vista Ultimate! And I only paid like $500 for it!

Person B: Emachines are total crap. Yours will break within a week, I guarantee it.

Person A: Yeah, like I'm gonna believe that! This computer will beat your crappy one that you built yourself for $3000! Now I can play all the latest games on max settings!

One week later:
Person A: That fucking Emachines is like so fucking junk, I tried to overclock the fucking CPU and the fucking BIOS didnt fucking let me adjust the fucking frequency and voltage, so I had to fucking play Crysis on fucking medium. Then I turned it on this morning and the fucking motherboard just fucking fried and then fucking smoke came out of the fucking back of it and the fucking screen looked like some fucking modern art and all my data was fucking gone...

Person B: See, I told you!

Person A: I'm so fucking mad, I will never buy a fucking Emachines again! And I'm gonna have a fucking good time smashing that fucking piece of junk to bits, that's about the best thing I can do with this computer!
by jsmith8800 January 28, 2008
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1.A computer manufacturer who usually makes cheap computers.
2.A computer manufacturer hated by gamers (mainly because fo their week processors, video cards etc.)
3. A shitty computer.
1. Me and my whife just baught an Emachines computer.
2. Haha your pc is almost as shitty as an emachines!
3. That shit looks like an emachines.
by Bobby Liota May 17, 2004
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The cheapest ratshit computer ever built. Bought out by Gateway now, so there is no support either.

White trash computer purchased by those who are to tarded to know that you get what you pay for.
I took a dump on that eMachine and doubled its value.
by Ph03n1X March 07, 2005
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computers that have specs that look good to an unprofessional. prices are low because manufacturers put in slow hard drives, cheap motherboards, crappy fans and cases with poor airflow which will eventually kill your processor.
my emachines was lookin good for the first year, now i have to completely replace the heatsink and fan on the processor, replace the hard drive and power supply.
by Dan February 16, 2005
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Cheap and shitty computers that the
salesman always points to when helping newbs.
Fuck... My mom got a emachines...
by XIII November 07, 2004
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Cheap as bread computer manufacturer, they do still in 2008 making these computer out of hardware from years ago for saving alot, exemple of this is, they still use pentium 4 because emachines hits the market of computer unknowledged people. Most of the hardware come from Taiwan or poor countrys so they save millions for that. I hate also when people say vista go faster than XP.

-Synonym of Cheapest
-Antonym of Gaming PC
-Me : Hey dude, you are buying a new PC?

-else : yea, im getting an Emachines

-Me : Mhh .. you should let me build your, it will be way more powerful .. like so MUCH

-else : What? build a computer? are you crazy maniac? there is conpanys that build computer, and you are not dell or hp so you can't build this!

-Me : Yes you can, and no vista will not make your computer go faster

-Else : Shut up, you don't know anything about computer!
by AthlonZ64 December 18, 2008
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a crappy computer company based in Korea that makes inexpensive BUT crappy PC that dies within two weeks of LIGHT usage.
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
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