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(zee -yeah- d)
also spelled as ziyad

noun, arabic origins

definition 1: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects; perfection.

definition 2: super abundance; growth
Person 1: Hey, it's Ziad. =D
Ziad: Hey!
Person 2: Ziad makes me so angry, I am gonna shove his hand in a blender.
Ziad: ='(
Person 1: No! Ziad! RUN!!!!!
Ziad: *trips over shoelaces*
Person 2: Muahahahaha, bring over the blender Person 3
Person 3: *brings blender*
Ziad: NOOO!!!!! #@%@^@*&!!!!!!
Handless Ziad: How could you! You animal! Now I won't fit the definition on the Urban dictionary. *cries himself to sleep*
by shadowzdx February 05, 2010
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A hot,spicy,talented,rich,smart and strong guy and loves to joke around with people.
Also is the meaning *Ziad* is "King"
haha your funny Ziad_Person 1.
Thanks hehe_Ziad.
by DaLeGeNdArY March 05, 2017
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A kind hearted and open minded person. One of the realest people you’ll ever meet. He’s smart and talented and is an amazing listen, knows how to give advice and is open to new friends. Knows how to make anyone laugh and cheer any one.

(But sometimes Ziad just wants a hugπŸ˜”)
Ziad is really funny and smart, wish he was my brother
by I need a hug October 03, 2019
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Ziad is a smart, honest, kind, rich as fuc* person.
Ziad is rich
via giphy
by Jshajhaihiahw July 31, 2019
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a way to describe strong as hell. best gamer. has a 10 trillion dollar gaming setup. travels all the time and is crazy rich.
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by jbhaefkchenea \dvljhuayeyoijna December 06, 2019
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a big pussy bitch who says "word to my bird" in trying to gain back his girls trust. the biggest pussy.
" I don't want to be with you"

ziad: " word to my bird I wont cheat again"
by COME AT ME HOE October 16, 2019
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