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ellie hiyar is a lying, snake like, bitchy girl who loves taking advantage of her boyfriends, (specifically ones named jack dylan grazer.) she also loves using people for fame and calling her boyfriend's friends hot and saying she would date them if she was single. ellie hiyar is usually obnoxious and thinks she is special because she has a lot of instagram followers.
that girl is literally ellie hiyar.
by finnwolfharddd December 20, 2017
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A cheating bitch who needs to stop lying everyone hates her and she is a snake
Ellie Hiyar is the defenition of snake.
by Dictionaryaccurate April 20, 2018
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a lying snake that sometimes gets mistaken for a horse. cannot keep her mouth shut. spills tea on herself daily. needs to leave instagram and preferably the world.
i would hate to be an ellie hiyar
by Reylynn Caster April 23, 2018
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Ellie Hiyar the girl who should be Hated for being a Bitch, a little Racist,

Using some dude like Jack Dylan Grazer
as her Boyfriend and Her Personality is Messed up, She May be a little nice but she might Stubb you in the back! She thinks she’s Special just because she’s Popular on Instagram, but she’s not, she’s only popular because she Dated

Jack Dylan Grazer back in 2017 to half 2018 because of the Drama! People who are Fans of Ellie Hiyar thinks she’s strong and a little tough and mature, but that’s not true she’s not strong & Tough,but she’s not, she’s just weak because I can fight her if I might met her and she’s not mature not even close, she’s immature, more immature than me even if I’m a few years younger than her!

And she’s the kind of person you would hate and wanna fight!
Ellie Hiyar dated Jack Dylan Grazer for Fame and because He’s “Cute” when he’s not and it was back in 2017 to 2018 then they BROKE UP Yay! She also called Finn Wolfhard aka Jack Dylan Grazer Best Friend Hot and Cute, well something like that when Finn Wolfhard ain’t Cute and Hot!
by AmaraHarteOfficial February 05, 2019
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She used to be a lying snake bitch, but she apologized for everything and she is a good person. She also dated Jack Dylan Grazer, also known as Eddie in IT. I like Ellie a lot fight me
"Hey, have you heard about Ellie Hiyar?"
"Yeah, I fucking hate her."
"She's not as bad as she seems."
by safura. xd January 23, 2018
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