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the fucking hottest human being ever. he stars in IT 2017 and his new show Me,Myself&I.
dude i have an unhealthy obsession with “jack dylan grazer”
by JackDylanGrazerBean September 28, 2017
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The most amazing person you will ever meet! Jack is, funny, caring, and he is very crazy! And hot! Girls are all over him, all of the girls want to meet him. Jack stars in “It” (2017) and in “Me, Myself & I”
“I got to meet Jack Dylan Grazer today!”

Awww really?! I’m so jealous Jack is so awesome!”
by Jack Dylan Grazer November 21, 2017
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A 14 yr old boy who is extremely attractive and adorable, fun to be around and as soon as u look at him your like In love
I just made an edit and it got 50069 likes cause it was about jack Dylan grazer
by ~ follow insta December 04, 2017
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This guy is the cutest,most funniest boy u will ever meet.You can love him or hate him there's no in between.He is the worlds best actor.He's in IT and Me,Myself and I.Jack is amazing.Jack is loveable.jack is funny .JACK IS EVERYTHING.💞
via giphy
by Jack Grazer April 22, 2018
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The boy who blinded us with his cuteness, and who just turned out to be a major asshole.
Man, that girl cheated on him, and treats him like shit. She's such a Jack Dylan Grazer.
by Youvebeendestroyedbitch February 12, 2018
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