a pretty girl, but doesnt think she is and puts herself down way to much
the guy who gets her is the luckiest on earth and im glad that she will be happy with him

kind, caring, but can make mistakes, but it all turns out well in the end

not to be confsed with ellie
an elley will often be found either blonde or ginger

see that girl over there, yeah thats elley

because we all love elley
by whatthef*ck is a pseudonym February 25, 2010
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Me...but what is there to say about me?!?! I've been known to have ever changing hair color, as well as a very spastic and eccletic fashion sense. My favorite word is "maniacal" and I adore sexual innuendos.
person 1: Whoa, who's that chick?
person 2: Eh, that's Elley...she's just sorta there all the time.
person 1: Wait, isn't she that chick who hangs out with those other crazy kids and sits on the corner for no apparent reason?
person 2: Yup...quick, run before she sees us and starts, you know, singing...
by Elley Chaos April 29, 2003
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this girl is a blonde hippie.
she is not ellie. oh no.
she is really loved by pretty much everrrryone.

and, a lot of people know her.
she's pretty outgoing, and funny.
also, she was born in the 60s.
"hey is that elley?"
"yeah.. what about her?"
"what is she wearing..? and why is she clutching that john lennon notebook?"
"didn't you hear? she's the hippie stoner."
by ELZIES August 22, 2011
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A Gorgeous, kind , bad ass bitch who puts herself down way too much , can be quiet in groups but with the right person she’s an explosion of personality. Not to be confused with Ellie . She is pretty smart but acts retarded
An Elley is either rlly thiccor flat , no in between . A girl who has lots of friends but only a few close friends who are inseparable . Never rlly has a boyfriend cus she likes too many boys
P1: See that pretty girl over there , that’s Elley

P2: Damn she got a phat ass

P1: Yeah ik , imma hit that later
by Arealone🥴 August 3, 2020
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aka gumjob but the only difference is that you are eating a pastrami sandwitch while getting the gum job
my wife gave me the elley last night
by stephen karolis August 5, 2006
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Elley, while the name is usually spelled like Ellie this name has a different meaning. Elley means light, bright, vivid, and noble. The people named Elley are a bit different tho. While their name means bright light, they wish they weren’t so bright. They hate being the center of attention. They are the quiet ones. But the thing is, they are so free with their friends. They are a loose canon and are a free spirit. They are sorta like a flower child hippie. Though they never let anyone see it. They have extreme social anxiety that interferes with their daily routine. Her biggest fear is that one day people will se her the way she sees herself. Of course she already thinks that everyone thinks negatively of her. Plus she’s also really scared of public speaking or speaking at all. They are very intelligent. Smarter then they appear. But the are so naive and kinda street dumb.
Person one: Crap I don’t know the answer

Elley: thinks, *I know the answer. Should I tell them?*

Person one: crap I’m gonna fail

Elley: whispers to friend “hey, the answer is 6,378. Tell person one”

Friend: k. *whispers to person one* the answer is 6,378
Person one: dang thanks. Your so smart.

Friend: gurl, quit acting like such an Elley and learn some self confidence.
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