a guy who listen to awesome music.
Heyy! You listen to Chromeo???! You're an ejay!
by G4YM0NK3Y$734 August 12, 2010
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A program that exist that you can make you own music, but unfortunatly it has goog music to make but the default word are terrible
"rock and roll, i wanna rock and roll" or "you can dance to the jam, when jay is on you"
by Lumpy the moose July 7, 2004
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1. weak
1. this cornbread is 2 years old, it is so ejay.
by daequan July 21, 2003
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A guy who will have your back from day one. Also a very athletic and kind person.
by Heion November 22, 2021
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Ejay is a sexy man who is usually call Papi/Daddy
You are sexy like Ejay
by Ppppppisid December 1, 2021
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dirty, trashy, make dirty, make things seems like dirty/trashy
boy: his room is full of clutter

boy2: definitely had a touch of ejay...
by n1223d February 15, 2010
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A phobia for people that are named Ejay.
I have Ejay Phobia.
by alex sharts April 20, 2022
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