A sex act where in two men butt fuck and oraly fuck a woman at the same time holding here up between the two in air and high fiving over head.

And can be reminised every time by holding your hands over girls heads in a high five.
by sfgsdahfksjdahfkjsdahfjksdevon December 16, 2010
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when two guys are doing a girl from opposite ends and put their hands together to emulate the Eiffel Tower
Ey bro, we should totally take that girl to France, take off her pants, and show her the Eiffel Tower.
by T Dunn November 30, 2007
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Certainly the oldest, and also one of the world's largest pieces of scaffolding.

After 130 years, nobody can remember what it was put up for.
Nice piece of scaffolding. I wonder what it was meant for.
by fubarderby May 8, 2005
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eiffel tower is a gay sexual position
it is when three men are in a eiffel tower shape, one getting buttfucked and giving head all at once well the two others are making out and thrusting away
omigod, did you see how hot kim jong un was in that porno last night!? he nailed that eiffel tower like a buet!!
by yippitydunkers March 29, 2018
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Two males and one female sex position where the female is double penetrated. One male in her anus, one in her vagina. The males legs are spread to resemble the four legs of the Eiffel Tower. The female is supported and her legs are off the ground. Her arms are thrust upright to resemble the tower portion of the Eiffel Tower. Also known as the French Tower of Power.
Dude, Booty Call and I fucked that slut. She was amazing in the Eiffel Tower!
by 0neHugeWang! August 21, 2018
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A big building. Pretty much the logo of france.
I went to france and bought one of those little eiffel tower models because I'm a tourist
by where am i? March 6, 2005
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