This doesn't not mean to exit or leave, people who think that are inherently wrong, and usually bad at sports.
People who use the word egress, are pedantic little shits.
by Urmom7262 October 23, 2022
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A career field in the Air Force, the maintainers who inspect, repair, and service the ejection systems on fighters and bombers. They are the elite of the elite, knowing perfection as a way of life, with the understanding that success means life, and that failure entails death. They work harder than all other maintainers, on explosive parts that can kill them in a second, with tolerances in the thousandths of an inch, to make sure that when a pilot pulls that yellow handle, he can be sure that he's going to get out of that aircraft. Because when all else fails, Egress prevails.
"That guy is a sexy bitch. And he can out-drink everyone else in the bar. AND he is infinitely smarter than all those crew chiefs. Who is he?"
"Oh, that's SSgt Taronji. He's an Egress troop."
"Egress, eh? That explains everything."
by Omnicyde June 30, 2013
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A gastrointestinal process in which feces is excreted from the anus.
After eating a huge burrito for lunch I had to egress a hot mess.
by natfipples November 7, 2017
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The politically correct way of saying "Bum's Rush."
The Liberal Words for "Bum's Rush."
The forcible ejection from a saloon, performed on an objectionable person by a bouncer. It is done by grabbing the offender by the shirt collar and the belt, and pushing him out the door.
"I got the bum's rush from Finkbein's bar last night."
"Oh, you must never say 'bum's rush!' That will offend white liberals! Instead,you should say 'homeless person's manditory egression.'"
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 1, 2008
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