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Ejection from an area or establishment, classically via being picked up by the seat of your pants and the back of your shirt. The term has come to include most forms or violent rejection. Presumably this came from the ejecting of panhandlers from business establishments.
I went to a party, but I got too drunk and they gave me the bum's rush.
by G Jarrard September 01, 2004
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The act of a bar bouncer, security guard, or some authority figure forcibly removing a person (the "bum") from a location by twisting said person's arm behind his back and pushing the forearm skyward while rapidly pushing (rushing) the body toward an exit.
We gave that troublemaker the bums rush and never heard from him again.
by Russel Upsome July 05, 2005
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The violent ejection of an obnoxious slob from a saloon. The bum's rush is performed by a bouncer.
You must NEVER say "bum's rush" in the presence of a white liberal. She will surely be offended! Instead, you must always say "Homeless Person's Manditory Egression." Then the white liberal won't be offended at all.
I was sitting in the No Name Bar in Sausalito, wearing an IDJ. With me were two young ladies wearing see-through tops. The bouncer ordered me to leave because I was wearing an offensive garment. I looked at my companions, then asked the bouncer, "Can I stay if I grow tits?" The bouncer gave me the bum's rush.
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 01, 2008
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To disprespect someone by concluding a conversation with an abrupt declaration indicating that you are done with that person. You are dismissing them as if they were a common bum and not wothy of any more of your time.
A bums rush example:

Joe: Hi Gordon, how are you doing.
Gordon: OK.
Joe: How is that new job treating you
Gordon: Ok, I guess. Good to see you, talk to you later.
by numisman October 03, 2009
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If a group of people want to see a show or event but don't want to pay, everyone rushes the entrance, hoping only a few are caught by the gate keeper, while the rest get in free.

Described by Charlie Murphy on Chappelle's Show.
With only 2 bouncers at the door most of us should get in free when we give them the bums rush.
by 1_upp November 11, 2010
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While having anal sex you place a line of coke on there back with a blunt in hand as you are about to cum you sniff the line then light the blunt for the rush
See The Bod he loves the bums rush
by lemon and jaybone February 10, 2009
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Someone who does the 'walk like an egyptian' dance and shouts a hodgepodge of scurrilous words.
Jas u Bums Rush, as he shouts, 'fuck, shit, cunt' and walks like an Egypyian to the bogs.
by Desmond Too Too January 26, 2005
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