The archetype of piss boy. Litterally cristal pepsi personnified. A little fucking asshole who loves to drink dog urine at funerals. Don't leave him alone with the elderly. Likes to hit on homeless people
"Apparently he never shutz without a spotter. He even wipes his ass after"
"Total gaylord eggman"
by Gaylord Eggman November 22, 2021
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A man that throws hardboiled eggs at the citizens of an innocent town and threatens them with gay hentai
"Oh no its eggman!"
by CheeseCake420e October 29, 2020
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A dj with an egg related surname that lives for egg puns and donks
Wow jon you went proper eggman then!
by Djeggman78 June 8, 2021
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Something that you should never ever look up.
Person 1: Don’t look up Dr Eggman Blue
Person 2: Ok
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