A greeting word originating in the streets of Eastern United States. It is a translation of the word "hello" but in an Asian accent. It was made famous by 2 Asian kids, a white man, and a brown man. Best used when greeting a random person in the streets or want to break the tension in a room. For full effect, use the word on a daily basis and make it a part of your vocabulary.
uh harro, my name a rick

harro ya beezy
by sMoto February 11, 2008
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(1a) The word "harro" originated from a famous Asian-American (with initials G. C.) from the UC Los Angeles campus. The originator invented this word as a means for Asian males to use their accent to charm white girls.

(1b) "Harro!" can also be used as an exclamation in situations where something is very obvious. In these cases, "harro!" is a synonym for "duh!"
(1a) "Oh harro, pretty girl! You look like very nice girl!"

(1b) "HARRO! Are you an idiot?! The place you are looking for is right in front of your fucking face!"
by -Garden Chang October 9, 2008
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HaRRo is a l33t fucker on IRC , you can find this HaRRo on irc.rizon.net #harro
by HaRRo May 19, 2004
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"umm...a greeting like hello/hi etc. etc."- as explained by the inventer of harro mikaela.

the real definition is that mikaela can't speak properly and attempts hello!
mikaela- harro
chloe-hey mik!
by chloeeee_92 July 5, 2006
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Become a massive sponge, abuse friendships and when the friends have nothing else to give them, they will ditch them and bag them out to their other friends and family.
After feeding their family for months and gone broke they did A Harro on them.
by Bobpurr June 28, 2017
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A type of guy that you want to be. Gets all the girls, good looking, good on the piss and good at sport. You can tell if one is a Harro if they are surrounded by the opposite sex 95% of the time.
Where did my girlfriend go? Oh, she is hooking up with that Harro!
by thekingoflife April 15, 2013
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The way l33t people say Hello.
Before Tickedy stole my stuff, he said "Harro there, I like you"
by Tickedy January 16, 2004
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