9 definitions by Dizz Markie

Waking up to find your penis (usually morning wood) visible out the bottom, side, top, or through the pee slot of one's underwear. When sleeping with or around others (i.e. slumber party, crashing on a girl's sofa on the second date), you are usually the last to realize, causing embarrassment to one's self and laughter to the other party/parties.
1. “I went out with this guy the other day. He got totally drunk, made an ass out of himself then couldn’t drive. I felt bad and let him sleep on the couch. When I got up in the morning to kick him out, he had a total egg roll sticking out of his boxers. As if!!”

2. “At scout camp, Kyle comes walking out to get breakfast and pulled a total egg roll. We laughed so hard. He felt so dumb he walked home eight miles.”

by Dizz Markie June 21, 2007
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A person who apparently has a free pass to bother his significant other / partner / friend at work all day (note: they work together, giving free reign for the annoyance).
He's back, just sitting on her desk. Why would she marry him? And how does he finish any work when he's up here in her face, staring at her with disapproving looks and bothering her with “do you want a soda?” and “did you buy eggs?”, all day? He's such a guest badger!
by Dizz Markie May 18, 2010
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The act of shoving one's cleavage in another's face. The culprit generally pretends that the act is accidental, though she is conscious of the sexual alarms that ring in others at the sight of large semi-exposed breasts (to make an impact, the cleavage must be pronounced) in our faces.
I noticed Gemma over by your supervisor's desk. She dropped her pen on his chair, literally said "oops" then bent down to give him a full two-second heavage. I guess I know who’s getting that promotion."
by Dizz Markie June 08, 2010
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Someone who feigns friendly with someone, then writes (generally in an online forum such as Facebook or a personal blog) disparaging remarks about that person. Journalists are prime culprits in this matter.
1) "The guy was really great during our interview; he asked me about my musical influences and how the tour is going. Then I read this stupid thing on his blog about how fat I look onstage. I have a new penemy."

2) "Jess was all sweet to me all week. Then Jenn ask me 'did you see what she said about you on Facebook? Oh, maybe she posted it private...' Anyway, I hate that bitch, she's such a penemy."
by Dizz Markie May 13, 2010
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A man's duty to his sexual desires.
She was falling asleep and I didn't think it was going to happen, but I took off my pants and she woke up. I was tired too, but I have nobligations!!
by Dizz Markie May 05, 2009
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A formerly successful company, founded on forward-thinking methods during the Dotcom boon, now running into the ground due to uncreative, boring middle-management business types who chase their tails in search of profits. In other words, the opposite of a think tank.
"This game company used to be great place to work: we had a big open work area where we brainstormed, tested out what we were working on and had Margarita Thursdays. Then the new boss (she used to manage a call center) put up a wall in the center of the room and told us we aren't allowed to play video games during company time. We used to make money, now we just stress about meeting internal goals; We went from think tank to $tink tank.”
by Dizz Markie April 29, 2010
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A fictional significant other. That is, a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, one that a friend frequently refers to, that neither you nor any of your friends has met. Refers to the slang boo as a sig. other, and, obviously, a reference to the secretive, mostly-hidden character in the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.
"I should bring my girlfriend out from New Jersey for prom..."
"Oh, the internet one no one has ever met? Your Boo Radley?"
by Dizz Markie April 17, 2007
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