This is used when something bad happens, or doesn't go your way.
Has to be said quietly to work effectively.
Opposite of this is...eeee yess
Euan: "Changing room 3 is locked"

Me: "eeee nooo" *sad*
by Kier14matrix June 6, 2005
an exclamatory phrase showing your enjoyment to good news or a particular action.
"joe just hot carled in her mouth."

"yay yaaa-eee!"
by d - fresh February 12, 2004
The sound make when you think that a girl or women is so hot and you want to bone her but then you remember she is related to you.
Damn look at her ass!!!! EEEE OOOOHHH AAAHHHHH!!!!! Shit thats my Aunt.
by Mr.BonBon February 15, 2015
a fun way of saying "the pussy". one starts off by saying "DA" and then another continues "PUSS", and then both finish with "EEEEEEEE"
We were in bio class when the teacher projected " DA-PUSS-EEEEEEE" on the wall.
by C3P-blow May 16, 2010
What Solazar from Friday Night Funkin says in his trailer.
Solazar: E a ee AA eeee A
Boyfriend: Yes.
by I_don't_fuckin_know August 7, 2021