by hfhffhfbfhdhdhfhhfhfhf January 23, 2020
A loud noise to make while greeting friends and annoying bitches at the same time.
by (MILE$) December 11, 2019
An EEEEEE is a person who loves to stay inside and wash there hands a lot plus use a l it of toilet paper-wait a minut-
by ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ April 25, 2020
eeee (EEEE), a way to show frustration or anger
*real life version*

guy: *walks with white nike air forces on*
guy:*steps in a dirty puddle*
guy:*claps hands together*

*a text version*
boy: so, how was your day?

girl: good
boy: good ta hear, u ok?

girl: yh
boy:*senses some dry replies*
by oiiiiiiiiiiiiiii August 4, 2019
This sound was created by three youtubers DKRACK, ATV STUDIOS & MFF Gaming. A sound you make when you're happy and or laughing hysterically. This sound is also used when messing with one of your friends by grasping their shoulder firmly.
That video was hilarious, eeeeeee!
by DKRACK November 3, 2019
you have a dusty trim of you is fresh as the prince of bel air
eeeeeee your trim is dusty
by July 23, 2019