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A kid who tries to be dank by saying "kys" or uses the word "cunt, skrub, and pleb" and usually uses "XD". Stay away from these kids. They're annoying..
"Omg this edgy kid was so annoying to deal with."
by I dont like you July 09, 2016
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Omg, lets see why you love Halo 2 more than Half Life 2

1. Duel wielding - big diff, done before in other games, ok so HL2 doesnt have duel wielding, its possible with mods
2. Online - not as good as PC, you cant mod an X-box(not legally anyway) and after 2 months of paying for X-box live u'll realize that dozens of HL2 mods have been made and they all have better graphics than Halo 2
3. Graphics - the X-box was cutting edge about 3 years ago, oh wow you can see logos on the spartans now, nobody cares. Half Life 2 is the best looking game EVER.
4. The magazines liked it better - ... why do you think almost all microsoft games have uber good ratings? I mean Rise of nations was an OK game but definetly not the best last year. Microsoft wants to make money, valve wants to be the best. Plus the only problem most reviews had with Half Life 2 is that there wasn't any multiplayer game besides CS source. Well HL2 deathmatch is out and many mods are obviously on the way
Halo 2 is a good game but nowhere near Half Life 2
by I dont like you January 04, 2005
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