A musical genre with 80s/90s/early 2000's capitalist pop culture that create the feeling of "Artificial Happiness" that was commonly capitalized in advertisements before 9/11.

Now, people watch Vaporwave as a nostalgic remnant of the past that allows you to truly feel the satire of Post Modernistic art and culture whilst also feeling how that Post Modernistic art is just another by product of consumerism and capitalism.
"Do you like Vaporwave?"
"No dude - its just 80's songs slowed down and sounds like shit."
"You really don't understand Vaporwave, do you?"
by FijiWater2000 February 19, 2019
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A music genre that takes songs often from the early 2000s, 90's and 80's and slows them down drastically using a computer program, and looping a certain part. The song may or may not have filters placed on it as well.

Vaporwave is also associated with a certain type of aesthetic often found on Tumblr involving bright colours and nostalgic images from the 90's.
Vaporwave music is so strange
by y_e_e_ June 12, 2017
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Vaporwave. A rich aesthetic that has a lot to do with crashed computer screens, the old Windows XP screensaver and Japanese Kanji.

These words can say "tornado" or "storm" or "fixed".
For instance, this is Vaporwave text.

Vaporwave イーサ
The first part is the official font. The second part reads "Ether" in Hiragana.
There is also a common use of fucking Greek statue heads. Okay, that's just weird, but hey it works.
Vaporwave is also a genre of music. And believe it or not the music that artists produce under this genre is actually pretty good.
"So what kind of things do you like, Stacy?"
"Hmm, pizza, dogs, Vaporwave..."
"Yep. My bedroom is themed to Vaporwave. So is my desktop."
by Casuall29_Reloaded May 31, 2018
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a sick beat with an internet explorer voice. the beat is often hyphy or interesting and very layered with a slow voice over the top. lyrics often consist of the artist rapping about how good their lives are.
mortal - hey man what's vaporwave?
vaporwave lover - #sadboys #unknowndeath2002
mortal - what?
vaporwave lover - i ain't about that life
by 1234567898ouikhj September 22, 2013
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mall music

elevator music

ironic critique of global capitalism in the form of sample based infomercials and home shopping networks
vaporwave, internet club, 情報デスクVIRTUAL, luxury elite, 회사AUTO
by Osprey222222 December 19, 2012
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Vaporwave is a class of 1990 music or specific art with purple and pink neon like colours .
It's like mall music or olden day retro .

There is a god of vaporwave , some people still worship it the name is vekutii sometimes known as Hana or even Vekuro , it has many names .
Inject the Vaporwave into your bloodstream

This is some good Vaporwave dude
by mishunqqq October 23, 2017
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