A grade in which the true colors of school pop up.
5th Grade is when people start puberty and teachers become ignorant, strict idiots.
by DepressedCoward March 6, 2019
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A time we wish not to remember.
Guy 1: Remember 5th Grade?
Guy 2: Please don't...
by memesaregodo January 22, 2019
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A time we wish not to remember

Everyone starts puberty and it sucks, the fsa was harder.
Bullyong gets worse
I hate 5th grade. I GOT BULLIED IN 5TH GRADE!
by SomeGuyOnlineCalledTodo June 20, 2019
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the place every person is forced to go and where little whores thing they are dating but they just talk every 2.5 decades.
Joshua: Aye we're almost out of 5th grade
Kayla: r we still dating. ._.
by _basicbxtch_ April 24, 2019
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a gay classroom with half of them so fucking annoying they burned the school down
me and my friends killed someone in 5th grade then raped them
by quojuiwhiuefhaliuwes April 15, 2019
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Boring, Students become even more brainwashed by the government that all they need to worry about is school and work, not personal needs, Teachers become even more ignorant and stupidly strict, Kids bully, steal, and destroy any chance they get, and the cafeteria food isnt food, its sludge that the CIA approves.

Now that I think about it, maybe the food kills any active brain cells a student may have.
5th grade is the start of an era of torture and suffering
by Royal storm March 31, 2015
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All the girls tik tok.

all the boys love fortnite.

They dress like there 21.

Boys dress like their homeless.

Girls talk about gossip and drama.

Boys talk about video games.

5th grades don’t care about their grades.
They LOVE memes.

In 5th grade there’s going to be some really weird kids (Matthew).

The teacher is REALLY mean.

This may be your last year in elementary or 6th grade is your last year

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5th graders act like there so cool
by Xxxtentacionjade March 16, 2019
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